June 11-13, 2018 @ Fargo Holiday Inn

Featured Speakers:

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School
-Dr. Sonia Stewart, Executive Principal
-Rachael Johnson-Hunt, Learning & Behavior Specialist
-Tanzye Hill, Community Schools Coordinator

Social Emotional & Academic Development: Supporting Success for All Students

Change Leadership: Building the Capacity of School Communities to Implement MTSS

Foundations for a Responsive Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) Plan

Serving the W(HOL)E Child – A Holistic Approach to Education

Don Kincaid

  • Professor of Build and Family Studies at the University of South Florida
  • Director or Co-Director on a number of Positive Behavior Support Projects

Supporting Mental Health in PBIS: Using an Integrated Systems Framework

Introduction to Tier 1 PBIS

Moving to Tier 2 and 3 PBIS

Using the SAND to Evaluate Overall MTSS in Your School

Jennifer Wick-Schnakenberg

  • Principal Investigator of Texas Literacy Initiative – University of Texas at Austin

Supporting All Learners Thorugh the Features of Effective Instruction

Read-Aloud Routine for Building Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

Background Knowledge and Strong Comprehension Purpose Questions

Vocabulary and Oral Language Development

Nick Yoder

  • Social and Emotional Learning Solutions at American Institutes for Research

Social and Emotional Learning: A Key Component of Student Success

Embedding SEL into Classroom Practice

Coaching SEL

Shannon Harken

  • RtI/MTSS Professional Learning and Leadership Consultant for Heartland AEA 11

Intensifying Instruction

Intro to NDMTSS: Framework and 5 Essential Components

Gradual Release of Responsibility

NDMTSS: Secondary Schools

Struggling Readers for Elementary

Struggling Readers for Secondary